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The world's best portable charging solution 

ChargerGoGo is at the forefront of mobile charging solutions, offering an innovative network of shared power bank charging stations accompanied by digital screens to supercharge brands.

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Simple. Convenient. Powerful.

ChargerGoGo enables users to rent portable battery packs to charge their phones, tablets, laptops and vapes whilst on the go with USB-C, USB and micro USB compatibility.

Power on the go, anytime, anywhere
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Find our stations via the ChargerGoGo App
Fast charging battery compatible with multiple devices

Supercharge your business with ChargerGoGo

Venue Benefits:
  • NEW revenue stream
  • INCREASE customer footfall and dwell time
  • FREE installation
  • FREE maintenance by ChargerGoGo
  • SELF-SERVICE so nothing for you to do 
  • BRANDING to promote your business

Perfect for shopping malls, bars, restaurants, train stations, airports, stadiums or anywhere with high foot traffic.

Trusted by global leading brands


3 simple steps to GoGo

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Step 1: Scan QR Code

Use your phone camera to scan the QR code on the charging station.

Create an account or login to access a charger.


Step 2: Pay & Grab

Once a user is verified and payment details entered, a fully-charged battery will be released from the station, which includes universal cables to connect to your device.

Users pay an hourly rental starting from $4.

We accept G-Pay, Apple Pay and Visa.



Step 3: Easy Return

Search for a return location in the app, and return to any ChargerGoGo Station near you.

Easy as 1-2-3

Watch ChargerGoGo in action

Our Charging Stations

Designed with our partners and customers front of mind.


C8 Pro

Compact and effective. Perfect for point-of-sale placement.

  • 8 fast-charge batteries 
  • 10.1" screen
  • High quality casing
  • Android/iOS/Micro USB cables

C32 Stack

Designed to meet volume. Perfect for high traffic events.

  • 32 fast-charge batteries 
  • 19" screen
  • High quality casing
  • Android/iOS/Micro USB cables 

C40 Cube

Bigger is better. Perfect for high-dwell areas and big venues.

  • 40 fast-charge batteries 
  • 43" screen
  • High quality casing
  • Android/iOS/Micro USB cables 

ChargerGoGo Responsibilities

  • FREE Delivery 
  • 24/7 customer service (we handle all feedback via App)
  • Restocking of batteries 
  • ALL station maintenance 
  • Advertising content 
  • Provide FREE education to customers


Venue Responsibilities

  • Plug socket 
  • Visible space
  • Keep the ChargerGoGo on




Compare ChargerGoGo 


Download our app for the best experience!

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Cross-device functionality.

Available on both IOS and Android devices, we have designed an interface that helps customers find stations, manage payments, stay connected and earn rewards. 

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